बहस गरम है - २

कृपया पत्राचार को अंतिम से पहले की ओर उलटे क्रम में पढ़ें (क.वा.)

mouli pershad cmpershad@yahoo।कॉम

आदरणीय प्रेम सहजवाला जी ने अपने चिंतन में कुछ गडमड कर दिया लगता है। यह सही कहा है कि हमें जितनी अधिक भाषाओं का ज्ञान होगा हमें उसका अधिक लाभ मिलेगा। अंग्रेज़ी का लाभ तो हमें मिल ही रहा है - जो इस बात को नकारते हैं उन्हें अज्ञानी ही कहेंगे। रही बात संस्कृति और संस्कार की , वह तो हमारी धरोहर है जिसे छोड़ना हमारी जडों से बिछडने जैसा है। इस लिए यह कहना कि हमारी वैदिक संस्कृति पुरानी पड़ गई है और उसके चलते हम पिछड़ जाएंगे, यह न केवल मिराधार है बल्कि अज्ञानतापूर्ण भी है। आज हम अपनी संस्कृति को छोड कर पाश्चात्य संस्कृति की अंधी दौड में लगे हुए हैं जो हमे किस ओर ले जा रही है उसे दोहराने की आवश्यकता नहीं है।

जब हम अपना छोड कर दूसरे की ओर भागते हैं तो बहुगुणा की परिस्थिति हो जाती है। [आप को अप्रासंगिक लग रहा होगा!}. जब बहुगुणा जी ने अपनी पार्टी का विलय इंदिराजी की कांग्रेस में कर दिया और फिर भी चुनाव हार गए थे तो प्रसिद्ध व्यग्यकार शैल चतुर्वेदी ने कहा था-
गुणा करते करते भाग हो गए
साडी की चक्कर में कुर्ते पर दाग हो गए।

मैंने यह प्रसंग माहौल को हलका करने के लिए लिखा है ताकि यदि प्रेम जी अपना प्रेम बनाए रखें

: [hc] Re: HC clears Husain - mahabharatha and draupadi ji's plight - VEDIC KNOWLEDGE & ENGLISH
Dear Prem Sahajwala-ji,
Namasthe !!!
Did I say in mail not to learn english ? Please read the mail in full and try to understand the message / idea / concept in the mail. Your mail is an emotional response without even fully understanding the gist of what I wrote.
You say that Vedic knowledge should be kept well published as part of HISTORY. My dear friend, in fact VEDIC KNOWLEDGE is THE TOTAL KNOWLEDGE THAT ONE HAS TO ACQUIRE THROUGH OUR LIVES....... In our traditions, there is AVIDYA, VIDYA, PARA VIDYA AND APARA VIDYA..... With your english education (especially the "USA/UK accented angrezi), we acquire AVIDYA. VIDYA is knowledge of ATMA, PARA VIDYA is the knowledge of your own SELF. APARA VIDYA is the knowledge of BRAHMAM / BRAHMAN / ISHWAR. In english, there is only knowledge whereas in our traditions, the above are the four LEVELS OF KNOWLEDGE..... All our 1400 plus authoritative scriptures teach us to connect and keep us connected to THE DIVINE.
Poonamji, as regards patenting, please visit
www.amiahindu.com and see how american senate library (Congress library) has already patented all the sanatana dharma scriptures and all the vedic knowledge and also gods and godesses.....
for Premji and the likes, our vedic knowledge is history.... for america and europe, they are trying to patent them so that after 50 - 100 years, we have to go to america and europe to learn our scriptures.......
With best regards,

Prem Sahajwala pc_sahajwala2005@yahoo।कॉम

Hi dears
pl do not mind my comments. The arguments that Japan progressed without english are too outdated now. In the globalisation era a country should have as many english knowing people as possible and also those who know many other languages. This doesnt mean any loss to our national languages which are many. The English is our mouth to english speaking world and our own languages are for our own communication. When Mulayam Singh was Defence Minister he once went to the Defence HQ and ordered strictly that every thing should be done in Hindi and not even a single sentence should be in English. But the Army generals when they heard this must have felt like turning out this rustic Defence Minister as it was now next to impossible to convert the whole military lingo from English to HIndi. We must now kill the blessing like English just as a form of jingoism or pseudo patriotism but accept English also as an unseparable language from the Indians.
2. The Vedic knowledge need not be revived but should only be kept well published as a part of history. If u think today we can go for Manu smriti and the science of the Vedas you are simply bent upon going back.

Pl forgive my views and consider me a friend.


Re: [हिन्दी-भारत] Re: [हिन्दी-भारत] Re: [hc] Re: HC clears Husain - mahabharatha and draupadi ji's plight
mouli pershad
अंग्रेज़ी साहित्यकार विलियम शेक्सपियर को उर्दू का लेखक वली मियां शेख पीर कहते हैं तो क्या वह मुसलमान हो जाएंगे। जिसकी जैसी चाह उसकी वैसी भक्ति। चलो, किसी बहाने एक बडी हस्ती को अपना बना लिया.......अच्छा किया

Re: [hc] Re: HC clears Husain - mahabharatha and draupadi ji's plight
---vavamenon wrote:

Namasthe !!!
Yes, the modern �accented angrezi education� has really made the standards and quality of understandings of New Generations of Bharatheeyans fall down tremendously.
The depth of morale and character and observation / analytical powers also have taken dive downwards�.. That is why we are having such �blah�blah�.s� happening in these forums�
The revival of our VEDIC principles and traditions is the foremost / important task all Bharatheeya parents and children have to undertake, for which study of sanskrit language can really put the foundation.
English should be taught only as a medium of communication, but we should not die to learn the same�..
Japan has become world�s 2nd largest economy not be going after English�. 90% of their population do not know English�.. In fact, Japan is trying to learn from Indian system of education due to indians� advanced brains in computer software fields�. It is the memory power of bharatheeyans (due to taking butter � which is the basic brain�s food � learnt from Lord Krishna�s childhood stories� that parents have learnt from Mahabharatha / Ramayana / Bhagavatham, etc., passing on beautifully and dutifully to the next generations that helped Indians to be at the forefront of knowledge. The present backwardness in the research fieled is due to the poor politicians lack of vision and dynamism. With proper visionary leadership having nation�s growth in mind, proper administration of production and distribution, etc., India would be the world leader in no time�.. India was, is and would be the richest country in the world as our dear Bharatham is DAIVBA BHOOMI, DIVVYA BHOOMI, DEVA BHOOMI, VEDA BHOOMI, JNAANA BHOOMI, SATHYA BHOOMI, DHANNYA BHOOMI, PUNNYA BHOOMI, SWARGA BHOOMI, SWAPNA BHOOMI, and what not� !!!!!).
With thanks for the support and prayers,

poonam abbi wrote:

So now the b...chor chattas are saying that xtianity is akin to Krishna Niti...a clear indication that now the Hindus are divided, after patenting haldi, neem & baasmati, they can patent Geeta, Krishna & Ved in their name & claim to be the wise ones? trule to their nature...WOLF IN SHEEP'S CLOTHING

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