बहस गरम है - १ (`हिन्दीभारत' समूह पर)

पहले यह 'मेल' पहुँचा , जिसे भेजा वावा मेनन जी ने।

I am sorry if I ever sounded that I am ANGRY in my mails......
I too consider every human being and all that has and does not have life as a part of the Omni-present Ishwar.
But, I search for TRUTH in people who take on the roles of Guru / Achaarya / Teacher....
Finally, it is individual peace and happiness. As long as you are happy and content, please go ahead and do what you want to do.....
I am attaching a PEACE INVOCATION (peace for all - the entire universe and its parts including Brahman) rendered so beautifully that listening to it for few times settles your SELF in peace and happiness. Please do circulate to as many as you can..... Let peace prevail everywhere...
with best regards, and thanks,

vm sureshbalaraman wrote:
I believe christanity is akin to "Krishna -Neethy" or Krishnas Order.Krishna and Christ are similiar in sounds too.I have no problems in accepting christains as children of god or islamics as children of god or for that any people as children of god.Because that is the only truth.Whenever i get angry,i simply chant the shanthi mantra poornamadah poornamidam.......to calm myself.I think i better do that.I love Lord Krishna very much and i love Bhagavan Sathya Sai Baba very much and i am happy.Thanks.


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NOT HUNGER,is my opinion.> > >
Yes, human imagination is so vivid that he can find justification for any of his thoughts/words/deeds-acts. The question is about Dharma and Adharma....> > jesus could as well have created enough breads to feed the hungry which he had already done before (one bread becoming 5000 instantly - and this concept also comes from Draupadi's Akshayapatra feeding Durvasavu), instead of cursing a poor fig tree (and this tree has nothing to do with following his preachings - for or against) which did not do any harm to him..... WHY SUCH A GREAT SOUL AS JESUS WHO CLAIMS TO KNOW EVERYTHING GET ANGRY ON A TREE AND CURSE ? And, I was reading a Book "Mohammed" written by Martin Lings, approved by Al Azhar University-Cairo which is the authority on Islam, which also repeated same-like story of Mohammed fee ding thousands under the same concept....> > Do you have any idea where jesus was from the age of 6 to 28 ? He disappeared in bible after bible came to India, because whatever stories about jesus were given in the bible till then were "Krishnaleela stories", and being afraid that Indians would DIS-COVER the lies in bible (being a copy of Lord Krishna's avtara stories) and dump jesus, the usual practice of bible amendment took place..... Please try to get some bibles of 600 - 900 AD. Read Thomas Paine's AGE OF REASON written in 1793-94 to see how brilliantly he has debunked the theory of "word of god" to be human mind's concoctions...... Thomas Paine declares that untill his time, there were about 300,000 amendments to the original book called bible.....> Can word of god be changed so fast ? > I think, we are going to get no where because of repetitions of a "imposition of Lord Krishna's Teachings to concepts which are totally against what Lor d Krishna said...." You ask any christian or muslim to accept Lord Krishna as a Guru / Teacher and see the difference.....> Spiritually, philosophically, conceptually, or on any criteria, there is no meeting point for Sanatana Dharma with all other philosophical concepts, including Buddhism,because sanatana dharma principles are DHARSHANS experimentable, experienceable by anyone who tries to walk the ordained time-tested scientific paths, all others are manufactured by man "in the name of God", which never offer the experience of God. They do not give a valid justification as to why a child is born blind, deaf or dumb, or any happening that cannot be explained with logic.... One can find total answers for any questions one may ask in Sanatana Dharma principles and traditions, if followed well and sincerely. I have not reached a stage where I can answer all, but I am so happy that I am on my way to some great experiences, learning Bhagavad Gita, which itself cover s TOTAL KNOWLEDGE to a great extent..... Every time I read Gita, I am in awe of the depth of Vyaasa Bhagavan's intelligence who> has concentrated all the TOTAL KNOWLEDGE in 700 verses !!!> With best regards,> vm > > > sureshbalaraman sureshbalaraman@... wrote:> >>Did you read bible ? Jesus and his followers once came under a fig tree, tired from walking a long journey and finding that the fig tree did not have any fruit to offer them to feed them, jesus cursed the fig tree that "you will never bear fruit till the end of time"..... How foolish to curse a fig tree because the tree did not give him fruits when he was hungry.... !!! His own father God created this fig tree and what is the logic of this CURSE ??? Can you explain to me ?<<> > Yes i have read the bible,based on what Lord Krishna says to Arjuna,as to how people come to him.> > As far as why Lord Jesus Christ,cursed the tree ,i need the verse that you are talking about,so that we can understand with what context he is saying.Also,he is showing to people as to how human he is,despite having superior powers within him,to prove to his disciples,that one can control anything in this world,but,NOT HUNGER,is my opinion.>

sb> --- In hinducivilization@yahoogroups.com, vavamenon vavamenon@ wrote:
M.F.Hussain, has to be admitted in a mental hospital,as his screw in his head has become loose,if he is going to draw about Prophet Mohammed with Ayeshsa taking your suggestion seriously.Neither that man nor the judge have got any se nse.I will gurantee you,if MF hussain draws on your suggestion,immediat ely a FATWAH,will be issues to have him killed,maybe Osma Bin Laden himself ,will come from Pakistan,from his kidney hospital to kill him,as his wahhabism permits such gory nonsense in the name of allah.This is exactly th e point that I wanted to make dear Sureshji, HINDUISM IS A FREE FOR ALL and is like an orphan, anyone can come and rape bharatham and her principles/traditions anytime anyway others want to..... That has to stop..... If their books and religion are serene and sacred, so is what is in Bharatham, which is applicable to the entire humanity and therefore, universal.... (In fact, I can prove that old testament / new testament (bible) is manufactured with a lot of liftings from Bharatheeya Scriptures.... They are 90% copies... The only difference in the concept is that their God is separate, whereas Indian Darshan is of a Brahman/Brahmam that is ALL-P ERVASIVE AND OMNIPRESENT, OMNIPOTENT AND OMNISCIENT.....), AND BECAUSE OF THEIR SEPARATEDNESS OF A GOD SITTING SOMEWHERE IN THE HIGH SKIES, MORE THAN HALF OF THE HUMAN POPULATION IS BLINDED AND CANNOT GO BEYOND THEIR BODY.... THEY ARE NOT TAUGHT MEDITATION, TO LOOK INSIDE THEMSELVES TO SEE THE DIVINE LIGHT WITHIN THEMSELVES, WHEREAS INDIAN TRADITION DECLARES THAT EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE CREATED ARE A PART OF THE DIVINE and therefore all that is created is COSMIC, which can be seen and experienced by EVERY TRUE SEEKER the many scientific and time-tested paths such as Jnaana-yoga, karma-yoga, raja-yoga, bhakthi-yoga, etc.I agree with Shri Shankarji also when he replied to you through many mails, where your understanding has faltered..... Coming from a very learned person like you, it is a bit surprising....I too agree to your understanding that everyone is a manifestation of Brahman's energy in different forms, but to rec ognise everyone as Brahman is foolishness. Those exalted souls are considered Gurus / Aachaaryas / Shrestas, who are truly Ishwara-realised souls and who scientifically explains what/who Ishwar is and ALSO WHO LEADS A LIFE FOLLOWING THE RITUALS AND AACHAARAS that he prescribes the followers t o take them to the abode of Ishwar.What we have to consider here is whether the God, and the Sons of Gods and Prophets sprang up during the last 2000 years have truly set examples for the mankind to follow to attain Sat-Chit-Ananda (eternal bliss). Did you read bible ? Jesus and his followers once came under a fig tree, tired from walking a long journey and finding that the fig tree did not have any fruit to offer them to feed them, jesus cursed the fig tree that "you will never bear fruit till the end of time"..... How foolish to curse a fig tree because the tree did not give him fruits when he was hungry.... !!! His own father God created this fig tree and wh at is the logic of this CURSE ??? Can you explain to me ? Like this, you will find a lot of non-sense in these books. I find only violence from these sects. 95% of the problems faced by mankind right now in the world have their roots in these religious dogmas. How they can be considered DIVINE ? Where is Dharma protected by these dogmas ? In fact, they are so aggressive that violence is the only way they can achieve their goals...., even to make others to accept their GODS.....However, if your exchanges were to bring out the views of members of the forum to assess the potential, i agree that this has been a good exercise.
Thank you,With best regards,

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